$119/Unlimited Classes per month 

$215/Unlimited Classes per month with Spouse/family member

$160 for 10-Class Punchcard (all classes included)

BoXiT Fit 

BoXiT Fit classes are 55-minutes of stress-relieving, heart-pumping, fat-burning, core-ripping FUN! From the moment your hands are wrapped, you FEEL YOUR POWER during the calisthenic warmup, 30-minutes (8 rounds) of Boxing and cool-down ab session. Note: THIS IS ADAPTABLE TO ALL FITNESS ABILITIES! You will learn proper technique for boxing to maximize the fitness benefits and minimize injury risk. 

Cycle Fit

Nothing feels better than getting a good sweat on and our 55-minute Cycle Fit class will leave you sweaty but satisfied! Hills, sprints, tempo riding, intervals and, of course, great music makes the time go quickly and the calorie burn sky rocket. As with any of our classes, “go at your own pace” and for beginners, watch your aerobic fitness improve with each class. 


30/30 Cycle/BoXiT  and 30/30 Cycle/Pilates

If you love the strength and raw power of our BoXiT Fit class and the all-cardio and lower body components of our Cycle Fit, then our 30/30 Cycle/BoXiT class is for YOU! We start with a 30 minute Cycle workout, hop off the bikes, wrap the hands, pull on the gloves and Feel YOUR Power for 8 rounds of our BoXiT Fit FUN! We are also excited to offer 30 Minutes of Cycle and 30 minutes of Pilates for a cardio and core blast. 



Metabolic conditioning at its best! Whether you are at home or at the studio, this class is a "dealer's choice"  including kettlebells, weights, boxing, TRX, cycle and Pilates and Barre moves. Whether you are at home or in the studio, we can modify the workout to make sure you get that metabolism cranking! 

Mat Pilates

Bringing together the foundation of Pilates and functional training, this class will

lead you through a 55-minute class not only targeting the core but also strengthening your legs,

hips, glutes,arms and mind. Each movement is set up to help you create a progression and to

move with intention giving your body and mind a way to connect. You will leave this class

feeling stronger, tall and ready to tackle any sport, activity or event that lies ahead.

Run Strong Strength Training 

Just because you run doesn’t mean you don’t need to do strength work!!! Our Strength Training for Runners targets the 3 A’s: A$$, Abs, and Arms to help you Run Strong and run long (distance and as you get older!). Close attention to form and proper engagement of muscles is the number one priority in this class, not necessarily high intensity cardio. 

Slow Flow Yoga

Build lean muscle mass and sculpt the entire body while moving slowly and mindfully with steady focus on the breath.  Slower than a typical Vinyasa class, but equally challenging, Slow Flow will leave the yogi feeling relaxed, energized and strong.  Classes are completely guided.  All levels welcome.  

Power Vinyasa Yoga

With an emphasis on alignment and breath, the Power Vinyasa Yoga classes offer a dynamic, challenging and upbeat flow that engages the entire body. Each class is thoughtfully sequenced to keep you challenged and wanting to come back. You’ll build strength, balance and flexibility while cultivating mindfulness and intention. A basic knowledge of the poses is helpful but not required. Private beginner classes are available.