Giving Thanks 2019

As 2019 rapidly comes to a close, it seems appropriate to begin my 2020 goal for the studio at Thanksgiving since it makes for an easy "FIRST BLOG POST". I am a much better writer than I am orator, so this blogging thing might not be too bad. And, I would rather post workouts, recipes, thoughts on Fitness/Wellness/Nutrition/Training here than on Social Media. I have mad respect for the folks who can talk to their phones and create long "stories" on Instagram and Facebook because that is definitely out of my comfort zone. We'll see if this is a better avenue for me to grow the BoXiT community and share everything I know from the 17+ years of experience in Personal Training. I know I have learned as much from the hundreds of clients I have trained as they have hopefully learned from me!

Note: When I say "we", I refer to Ann and myself as BoXiT because without Ann, the "IT", there would be no "BoXiT" ;)

As the title says, this first post is about Giving Thanks. I am grateful beyond words for everyone who has come through the doors at BoXiT Fitness and who are a part of the growing community.

In our first year in business (Nov. 2018-Nov. 2019), we have had the usual ups and downs, classes with no one signed up and classes that have waiting lists. Members have come and gone, others consistently come 1, 2-3x/week or, even the few that come 4-5x/week. We have had instructors who have slept through class (only a couple times!) and similarly, we still have the SAME instructors who opened the doors with us. We have accumulated A LOT of Alaska Miles on our business credit card. And, we led our first Annual BoXiT Fitness Retreat to Mexico.

Boxing, as we teach it, did not exist in Bend until we opened BoXiT. But, I am so proud of everyone who has embraced it as I have. It is a workout that challenges you physically, mentally and even emotionally. We are excited for more people to experience the BoXiT Fit workouts and other classes we offer.

Being the driven, motivated and competitive individual that I am, I see what we have accomplished this last year: the community we have built; the lives we are changing (hopefully!) and who are changing us; and the self-confidence we are building in the female youth of Bend. There is also the part of me that compares myself to other trainers/business owners in the fitness field. How can we be better? How can I be better? What can we do differently?

So, as I close this first post, I want to say THANK YOU again to everyone who has been with us on this journey this first year. Stay tuned for my next post!!!

-- Shannah






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