personal training

Shannah offers 1-on-1 personal training for all ages and abilities. Services include:


Are you experiencing pain when you run? Feel like you could run more efficiently? With video gait analysis, we record your running or walking gait and analyze the movements to determine where biomechanical issues may be causing discomfort. The video analysis combined with a muscle imbalance assessment enables us to put together a strength routine to help make running and other movements more enjoyable and pain-free. This usually requires 2-3 sessions to do the video analysis, muscle imbalance assessment and exercise prescription.


In order to have mobility, one must have stability. If a joint lacks mobility, stability is

decreased, and the risk of injury is much greater. A well-designed program

incorporating both these components, as well as addressing muscular imbalance and

proprioception are crucial so our daily activities can continue without pain.


Most lower back pain comes from weak glutes (gluteus medius) and lower abdominal muscles (transverse abdominals and obliques). Our inability to engage our glutes and hold our pelvis in a neutral position leads to over-lengthened hamstrings, low back pain or tightness, sacroiliac joint pain (SI) and tight hips. By strengthening our glutes and lower abs, we can hopefully eliminate low back pain and improve our rotational mobility. Core strength is crucial to ALL movements!  


Golf, tennis, hiking, softball, lacrosse, soccer, skiing (nordic and downhill)... let us help you train to be the best you can be in your favorite Central Oregon activity. And, more importantly, we will train you to reduce your risk of injury and for optimal performance.

Whether you want to feel stronger, move pain-free, improve conditioning, develop muscular balance, increase core strength or improve boxing technique, Shannah can create an individualized program to help you FEEL YOUR POWER!

Individual sessions as well as packages for 60- and 30-minute personal training sessions are available for purchase online. 

Personal Training Rates: 



$199 for 3 1-hour sessions ($66/session)

$650 for 10 1-hour sessions ($65/session

$992 for 16 1-hour sessions ($62/session)

$1392 for 24 1-hour sessions ($58/session)


$45/half hour

$320 for 8 half hours (2x/week) - $40/session

$560 for 16 half hours (2x/week for 2 months)  - $35/session

Contact Shannah today for a free 30-minute session! Or purchase your package online!