Shannah and Ann met at Stafford Hills Club in 2017 when Ann joined the Club after moving back to the Portland area less than a year after losing her husband to cancer. Ann started training with Shannah as an emotional and physical outlet and to build a new life within a positive environment. In December of 2016, Shannah lost her father to a sudden tragic accident and the two could relate to loss, grief and the need for a healthy outlet to move forward.


They began dreaming of a way to take their own experiences and create a community of people looking to find balance in a positive place.


Ann’s experience owning and running a restaurant for 14 years along with Shannah’s years of personal training and their mutual passion for a balance of health and wellness sparked the creation of BoXiT Fitness Studios, LLC.


BoXiT Fitness Studios encompasses boxing for fitness, personal training and other cross training modalities (TRX, cycle, etc.) as well as wellness workshops, nutrition guidance and camaraderie.


Our goal is to empower our community to find balance, embrace change, enjoy life and live in the moment. We encourage positive thinking, open-mindedness and ultimately, a desire to find silver linings in any situation. 

BoXiT Fitness (Shannah, Amber and Megan)




Shannah has been in the fitness industry for 16 years, both as an employee of health clubs (Athletic Club of Bend – 2005-2006; Title Boxing Club – 2013-2015; Stafford Hills Club – 2015-2018) and owner of her own training business and studio in Bend from 2006-2013. Health and fitness is also an integral part of her life whether it is running on the trails, biking, skiing (water and snow), strength training or just playing outdoors with her kids. Exercise and physical activity gives her an outlet for mental balance.

While she loves doing functional training, running gait analyses, youth fitness training and core strengthening, she found a passion for the multi-faceted benefits of boxing for fitness.


  • Personal Trainer – Amercian Council on Exercise (ACE)

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CSCS)

  • Certified Boxing Trainer (Box N’Burn Academy)

  • CPR

  • Low Back Disorders

  • TRX Group Training


She and her husband, Ted, have two children (Haley – 11; Teddy – 8) and are excited to be back in Bend after living in North Carolina and Portland for the past five years.

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Ann grew up playing athletics and has always kept fitness and health as a priority in her life.  For the past 20 years, she has worked out in a gym with a personal trainer and taking classes. Exercise and fitness became a comfort and provided a community of like-minded people for Ann when her husband was diagnosed with cancer.  After he passed away and Ann returned to Portland, Oregon, a fitness program kept her moving forward in a positive direction giving her physical and emotional strength to help her family transition through a tragic time of life. Ann learned boxing from Shannah and fell in love with the benefits of the workout.


Ann is a certified Box N Burn Boxing Trainer.  She has also gone through the TRX Group Training workshop. Ann brings a wealth of business expertise through her experiences as a business entrepreneur. 


She is the mother of three kids (Ryan – 27; Katie – 26; Bridget – 23) and currently resides in Portland.




Full body workout without heavy weights = High Calorie Burn 

The entire body gets worked during a BoXiT Fitness class. Lower body exercises are used as active recovery between “rounds” on the mitts and heavy bag. Boxing is not about how hard you hit the bag – it’s about using the shoulders, back, biceps, triceps and chest muscles to do the movements. The resistance of the bag adds the resistance component at whatever level an individual wants. And, of course, the core and hip rotations on every punch all but guarantee a stronger low back, toned abs and improved mobility and stability.


Aerobic conditioning with bursts of HIIT = High Calorie Burn 

Sixty minutes of non-stop movement will keep the heart pumping with modifications for any age and ability. There is a reason why professional athletes do boxing workouts for off-season conditioning! People who dislike doing “cardio” love boxing workouts! 


Core Strength and rotational core mobility

When taught and executed correctly, boxing is the perfect cross-training exercise for any rotational sport and daily life movements. Every punch requires hip rotation, oblique engagement and the resistance from the bag as you punch forces a natural tension through the core. 


Low-impact Cross-training

Because there is no external heavy resistance on the spine and joints, boxing can be used as a recovery workout, incorporated into an off-season conditioning program or even for those beginning an exercise routine. 


Challenge your Balance

Boxing requires changing of positions that inherently sharpens your proprioception or spatial awareness. For aging adults, the balance component is crucial for fall prevention.




Feel Powerful… Be Empowered = CONFIDENCE

Let’s be honest there is nothing more invigorating than hitting something! Even if it is just shadow boxing, mitt work or hitting the heavy bag, the feeling of power and confidence that comes from a boxing workout is unmatched.


Any age and fitness level can do it 

Movement and intensity are easily modified during boxing fitness workouts for any age or fitness level.


Stress Relief

There is no better way to relieve stress than to hit something! And, of course, the endorphins that are produced during exercise promote good, positive feelings. Boxing requires concentration and focus, giving the mind a break from daily stress. As the workout continues, the power generated by punching a bag or working on the mitts helps minimize or wipe out stress.

Cognitive Workout

Learning a new sport or activity naturally encourages the mind to work and open the neurological pathways of mind and body. The combinations during a boxing workout challenge the mind to coordinate movements.